Toothbrush Anchor Wire

Toothbrush anchor wire is one of the main areas of production and regular investment in the latest technology in machinery for both manufacturing and quality control has enabled Chaplin Wire to maintain its position as a market leader in this sector. Anchor wire supplied is suitable for all types of brush filling machines including the latest high speed models supplied by Boucherie and Zahoransky.


Materials Available
Nickel Silver CuNi12Zn24
Brass CuZn37
Aluminium AlMg5


Sizes Available

Chaplin Wire can supply any size of anchor wire upon request but standard sizes are:


1.20mm x 0.20mm 1.40mm x 0.35mm
1.25mm x 0.25mm 1.50mm x 0.25mm
1.30mm x 0.25mm 1.50mm x 0.30mm
1.40mm x 0.25mm 1.55mm x 0.25mm
1.40mm x 0.30mm 1.80mm x 0.30mm


Grooved Anchor Wire

Chaplin Wire has the exclusive license for the supply of grooved anchor wire into the Asian market.  Grooved anchor wire is a patented product which gives increased tuft retention within the toothbrush.